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Vision 2020

#Vision2020 encapsulates the Juilliard Dance Class of 2020. I, along, with my 18 beloved peers, have developed this phrase into a set of artistic values that we have come to live by. As young performing artists at this pivotal moment for both the arts and society at large, we aim to foster a sense of innovation, exploration, and inclusion through our artistic practices. We represent the generation of change!

Past Events

Senior Showcase at Home: May 17th, 2020 3pm EST

Please join us, the Juilliard Dance Class of 2020, for a special, online event. We will be featuring works filmed, choreographed, and imagined by each member of the #Vision2020 family, along with collective group dances.

Senior Showcase was originally intended to be a live graduation performance, featuring dance solos by all of us. We have found that despite the disappointment of cancelling these irreplaceable moments, our ability to capture our own movement, and convey our experiences through a screen, has evolved to a new creative level that we had never thought attainable. We are very excited to connect with our family, friends, fellow artists, and the Juilliard community through this new artistic experience!

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